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Who we are

Ayni the Gift of Giving Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to enrich the lives of the less fortunate children of Andean communities of Peru by offering weekly food runs, schooling supplies, clothing and providing these families with a safe loving, and compassionate environment they can call home .


 Ayni the Gift Of Giving foundations prioritizes the education of these young children in some cases orphaned and in extreme conditions of poverty, we strongly believe that an education, and a gesture of love and kindness will empower them to have a better future. We deliver, learning materials every three months as these are not provided in the very small schools they attend and their financial conditions do not permit them these basic tools .


We operate our food runs on a weekly basic, providing non perishable food to over 200 families who live in isolated communities that are not in living conditions. We provide temporary shelters and homes for families in extreme conditions of poverty and illness most of which have over 4 children per family, additionally we offer financial help to some members of these communities with life threatening disease, terminating illnesses, and medical emergencies.

During this pandemic we are offering additional help to these communities  by providing face-masks and non perishable foods.

More about Ayni

Ayni the gift of Giving was founded  in 2011 by Wachan Bajiyoperak and Martha Gomez.

 It is their passion to help the humble homes of the Andes changing the lives of the younger generation by offering them an education, food, and life tools they will later be able to use.

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